It makes a rare exception for the Clarasonic

The Clarisonic Mia 2 skin care and the Obagi skin care system work together perfectly for this reason and many others. Another reason and way the products work well together is that the Clarisonic uses 300 sonic frequency movements every second. This patented cleansing tool offers added stimulation to the skin as well as being able to unblocking pores to remove much more make up and dirt from the skin. This designed action is the most gentlest and effective form of cleansing of the skin. The Clarasonic is available in three different model types, the Classic, the Mia and the Plus. All models are excellent for the reduction of oily areas, fine lines, wrinkles and visible or enlarged pores. This wonderful little tool will help keep your facial skin healthy, the Classic and the portable Mia version are specially designed for the contours of the face. The Clarisonic pro model has an additional body mode for all over skin care. The Obagi skin products are all ideal partners to this amazing gadget, and they work in complete unison with the Clarasonic. Just a few minutes a day with the Clarisonic Mia skin care accessory will simply brush away debris without damaging the skins surface. Our skin needs to be clean and the correct PH balance needs to be maintained. This can be easily achieved with the use of this useful instrument. The unique Obagi system range of products are all fully compatible with Clarisonic skin care cleanser system. Although Obagi products will work alone, they are happiest with something that will help make their job easier. You will also benefit from combined use of the two products. Your cleansing routine will be quicker and more thorough. Customer testimonials from many users of the Obagi products have confirmed that there are very good reasons and many benefits to using both systems together. Using the Clarisonic Mia 2 with your chosen Obagi system medical or other formulation is sure to produce the best results possible. This fantastic skin smoother has a good charging unit and replacement heads are available when needed. It can be ideal to share with the purchase of one unit and a few replacement heads. The Obagi system skin care company is usually most reluctant to recommend any particular accessory or complimentary item to its clients. It makes a rare exception for the Clarasonic.